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Minor River and Lake Flooding


Due to the recent rain event, snow accumulations and extra run-off from frozen ground conditions, Hamilton Township will experience Minor River and lake flooding today and into the weekend.  The Great Egg Harbor River is still below flood level at this point but remains on the rise.  The discharge rate is beginning to slow down and the river should crest sometime tomorrow. Minor River flooding will occur on the upper portions near Weymouth.  
Water levels at Lake Lenape and its Eastern tributaries remain above normal but are not at flood stage at this point.  Township of Hamilton Public Works has opened all available flood gates at the dam in preparation of yesterday's rain.  We do expect the Lake level to rise significantly overnight but at this point not to a major flood stage.  Please take all necessary precautions to secure your properties along these waterways.   
Captain Mike Petuskey
Executive Officer/Emergency Management Coordinator
Township of Hamilton Police Department