Technological advances of the 21st century present an increased risk for identity theft. Each year, many unsuspecting members of the general public become victims of this crime. The U.S.Secret Service is responsible for enforcing laws concerning identity theft, and we want to ensure you don’t fall prey to this criminal activity.


Identity theft affects consumers’ credit ratings and is responsible  for millions of dollars in financial losses to businesses each year. This booklet has been created to help you protect your identity and identify specific steps to take in the event your personal information is compromised.


The U.S. Secret Service works closely with our partners in the law enforcement community and other government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission to keep you informed of how you can protect yourself. Knowing how to safeguard your personal information is the first step in fighting back against identity theft.


Julia Pierson, Director / Secret Service


Start Here. Protect Your Identity

Identity Theft - Taking Charge:  "What To Do If Your Identity Is Stolen"


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