Incident Report 

Use of the online Incident Report are limited to the following. Please call the police department at 609-625-2700 for further assistance.

Thefts under $1000.00

Criminal Mischief / Property Damage under $1000.00

Lost Property under $1000.00

Internet Theft and Credit card fraud

Bad / Dishonored Checks

Other minor incidents as directed by the Hamilton Twp. Police


Police Reported Accident Report 


This link can be used to get a copy of a 'Police Reported Accident' Only. This report (NJTR-1) is completed by the police officer, generally at the scene of the accident. The cost for this service is $4.99.

This is Not for a report that has been completed by either party involved in a minor accident. Call the reocrds bureau to get a copy of those types of accident reports at 609-625-2211.


Self-Reported Motor Vehicle Accident 


The above report is completed by the driver(s) or other involved person in a minor motor vehicle accident.


A minor accident is one in which there is NO injuries to anyone involved.

No property damage other than to the vehicles involved, and the vehicles Do Not require a tow truck.


You must still call the police department at 609-625-2700 to receive a case number and a determination if this report is appropriate.


Alarm Registration 


Use this link to access information and register your alarm with the police department. This registration form is required by ordinance # 99-2 and there is NO cost for this service. There are penalties for not registering your alarm with the police department. This registration is in addition to any permits and/or licenses that may have been previously required.

The entire Alarm Ordinance can be read by typing "alarms" in the search box here: Twp of Hamilton Alarm Ordinance


Firearm Permit Application Forms 


To apply for a firearms ID card, use this link to access information and forms required.


Note: Firearm forms can be completed and printed online but Must be delivered to the police department in person with appropriate ID.


OPRA Request


To request public police records use the above link to access the form and other available information about open public records.


Property Check Request Form


Request checks on your property if you are going to be away for any period of time or otherwise require additional police checks on your property.


Police Employee Commendation / Complaint

Follow the above link for more information about filing a commendation or complaint against any police department employee.









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