COMPSTAT is a law enforcement strategy that was adopted by the Hamilton Township Police Department in 2009. The key to the COMPSTAT process is identifying and analyzing problems and/or “hotspots” and developing timely and effective solutions. COMPSTAT is part of a broader community-policing and problem-oriented policing strategy. COMPSTAT involves each member of the police department. The Chief of Police and supervisory staff meet regularly to review the previous operations plan and prepare a plan for the upcoming month, discussing how to deter/solve certain crimes and address quality of life issues.

The COMPSTAT process is based on the following principles:

Accurate and Timely Intelligence

In order to effectively fight crime, officers at all levels of the department must know what time and day of the week crimes and incidents are taking place.

Effective Tactics

Commanders and sergeants must develop effective tactics to deal with the problems revealed. In order to bring about permanent change in crime and incident conditions, these tactics must be flexible, comprehensive, and adaptable to changing trends. The police department must aggressively solicit the aid of outside agencies as well as the help of the general public to help problem-solve.

Rapid Deployment of Personnel and Resources

Once a plan is established we act with a sense of urgency and coordinate all resources necessary to correct the problem.

Relentless Follow-up and Assessment

Follow-up is a necessity to ensure the desired results have been achieved and is the only way of ensuring that recurring or similar problems are dealt with in the future.

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